Wednesday Jul 05th, 2017



Part 4: Expecting your asking price and pricing tactics


Unlike going to a department store or the mall where prices are set, buying a house gives the buyer the ability to negotiate price and stipulations. As such, any intelligent buyer and their realtor will try their best to negotiate down your price or other details of the home sale to their advantage. The truth is that if you want to close the sale, you must play the game and do the dance that at times can seem like it goes on forever.


There are many things you can do to lower the probability of a prolonged negotiating process and ensure you get somewhere close to what you are asking for your home. Many home sellers come up with a price that is designed to attract buyers but also give them some wiggle room for negotiating price. The tactic behind this is to allow buyers to feel like they are getting a great deal and value when bringing down your asking price.


The true driving factor behind whether you will end up with what you ask for, or more and less than what you asked for is the type of market you are in. If it is a buyers market, then forget it. But if you are in a seller’s market like we currently seem to find ourselves in the greater Toronto area, than you are in for some serious bidding wars.


Remember, there are many things that will help to determine the price of your home and you can do your research before settling on a price. My home evaluation tool can definitely help you get on the right track – but also doing some quick maintenance and esthetic clean ups around your home can help drive up the price. Staging, and small fixes can make all the difference – Learn more about how I can help FIX AND UPSELL your home to help maximize your profit in todays seller’s market.



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