Why Sell with Me?

My selling philosophy is simple- straight forward and transparent for home selling in today's competitive Real Estate Market. 

My tactics of selling your property is always uniquely designed around you in an effort to ensure that you are taken care of before, during and after the sale of your home is completed. Because of this unique marketing plan, on average, I sell my properties 33% faster than the typical GTA real estate agent. My average sold price is at least 5% above the list price. As a result I net an average of $25,654 more for a given property than the average GTA real estate salesperson. Besides that all of my offers are in writing. I promise you, NO EMPTY PROMISES!!!

My years of experience in the field and a long history of Real Estate transactions provide you with the security in knowing that your property is in the hands of an expert negotiator that is always working in your best interest. Real Estate representation should be about building rapport, creatively solving problems in difficult situations and being assertive when required on your behalf. 

My promise is simple and written clearly for you to understand:
“ It’s the promise of taking care of you before, during and after the transaction of selling your property is completed”

Selling Your Home with Dragana’s Unique and Innovative Sales Plan:

Generate a following of window shoppers and serious buyers that are looking at your listed property with a marketing plan that is uniquely designed around your property and not a cookie cutter template.

Get the right buyers in front of you without common pressure tactics, smoke and mirrors and empty promises that can unfortunately be used by the wrong representative.

Market your home like it’s the next best product to hit the store shelves with the following marketing tactics included with my representation:

Three Unique Commission Packages:

Avoid the one size fits all tactics of other representatives by getting a customized marketing and sales plans that is specific to your property and individual needs. Obtain a uniquely developed marketing and sales strategy that fits your needs and wants and reflect a fair and proper commission.

Fix & Upsell Program:

If you are looking to sell your home but are falling short due to required updates and repairs, Dragana’s Fix & Upsell program is designed for you.

Get new flooring, kitchen backsplash, or fresh paint to update the look of your home and its selling value. Give your potential buyers a fabulous first impression when they first walk in through the door.

Dragana’s Fix & Upsell program enables you to give your home a facelift before even going to market.

Free Home Staging Consultation:

Get a free staging consultation from a professional home stager who will work with you and walk you through tips and guides and advice on repairs, cleaning and visual guides.

Latest Trend Matterport 3D Photography:

It is a latest trend in the industry.Don’t miss out on potential buyers because they are unable to make to an open house or viewing appointment. Give all potential buyers the ability to see your property listing with a virtual 24/7 online walkthrough.

Virtual Tour:

Make it easy for home buyers to see what life in your property would look like with a virtual tour. Do this with a high profile, and professionally shot and staged video tour of your home and property. Highlight the features and benefits of the home, property and even neighborhood.

Unique YouTube Channel for Your Property:

Put a virtual tour of your listed property on the worlds most used video social network and see how much interest your listing is generating with the simple task of going to YouTube. Obtain the ability to share your listing on any platform by embedding your unique YouTube Virtual Tour on any third party social media site and watch your property trend in places that no other Real Estate listing could possibly trend.

Print Material and Distribution:

Printed flyers are still a key staple in any Real Estate listings marketing plan. Make it easy for those who are not connected to the world wide web or enjoy having tangible material about your home. Put information fact sheets, neighborhood data, and infographics about your property in the hands of everyone that comes to see your property. It’s the personal business card of your home.

Social Media and eMail Marketing:

Today, 84% of home buyers report using the internet to search for a home and only 31% use home books, magazines; while less than 5% use newspapers. Capitalize on this by reaching the thousands of home and property buyers through social media posts, online conversations, informative email campaigns and of course, by making the distribution of all printed materials available online. Turn your property into a viral hot topic on any real estate thread online including, Facebook Paid Ads, Google paid ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Kijiji, Craigslist and more.  Get your property listing into the hands of an already growing list of 2,500 email recipients and counting.


Allow the conversation about your property to get started for you with engaging blog topics that place your listing into the reading eyes of thousands of subscribers each week. Give potential buyers more value by building a deep understanding of your properties features in a conversational manner.

Dragana’s Move Snap Service:

The transaction is not over until you are settled into your new place. Get everything you need for your move in one place with Move Snap Service. The Service that provides you with utility connection, address change, identification updating, obtaining a trusted moving company, and a checklist of reminders for all moving issues and needs that may arise during this final stage.

Get the representation that truly takes care of you before, during and after the transaction is over. My real estate services are truly centered around you and your needs!


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