Wednesday Jun 21st, 2017


Part 2: Hiring your agent


Although many people think that they can easily use the internet to syndicate their property and hold an open house, maintain and dangle offers and ensure that the real estate agents commission price is avoided – it is simply strongly advised to AVOID self-representation at all times.


I am not telling you this because I am a real estate agent, I am telling you this as an individual who has a full-time job, family, personal life and can’t even imagine what it would be like if I decided to go into a court of a law and begin to pretend that I can win a court case in an effort to avoid hefty legal fees. Professionals are there for a reason and one reason only – to help.


The fact of the matter is that if you want good help it does not come free. In fact, any form of help won’t come free – including the bad type.


So, if you are looking to sell your home on your own, especially for the first time, I can’t even begin to tell you how terrible of an idea this is for you, your property value, and the rest of your family.


A good agent, like previously stated, is there to help. And this good agent has the duty of helping you set a fair and competitive selling price for your property that will increase the odds of a fast and easy sale. This agent can also help take some of the high emotion previously discussed in PART 1 out of the equation by becoming the middle man between potential buyers and other agents that are out to tarnish and bring down the value of your home that you have grown to love so much. They serve as a net between yourself and time wasters so you can go back to doing all the things you love the most while the process of selling your property is actioned.


Your agent should definitely bring years of experience in negotiating home sales and have a reputation of selling over asking or strategically bidding (for home buyers). Their end goal is to either get you more money or save you more money and break down any barriers that are put up by deceptive home owners, inspectors and other agents when trying to bargain.


From my own experience with negotiating for my clients I can tell you that no deal goes 100% smoothly. There is plenty of back and forth and some buyers definitely come to play hardball when looking to buy your property. When problems in the sale process arise – your agent is experienced and can professionally handle all issues as they come.


And finally, the most important reason above all to get yourself a good agent – is the paperwork.


Agents are familiar with all the paperwork and unsuspected issues that arise during the paper work process of the transaction and use their years of experience to ensure that all items on paper reflect your best interest in the sale – ultimately ensuring for a smooth transaction.


The years of experience, community and client feedback that a real estate agent carries are very important factors to look at when deciding on who your rep should be. But above all else – transparency and guidance during the entire process should be made available to you. Always ensure that you also obtain some sort of guarantee that they offer you that no other agent can in writing at all times.


As a real estate agent, my only interest is being completely up front with you from the moment we first meet and up until the transaction is completed.


But it does not end there. I take care of you during the entire process and after the transaction is over. This goes for both home sellers and buyers.


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