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Wednesday Aug 02nd, 2017


A recent article in the CBC stated that the recent boom in the housing market has driven up the amount of construction and real estate associated jobs in Canada. Naturally this was to be true seeing as both sectors almost completely go hand in hand.

The article also alludes to the fact that this boom in recent months and years has been a huge opportunity for “get rich quick” schemes by both, overnight development companies that popped up out of nowhere and go into the “renovation” and “construction” businesses. Same goes with the amount of real estate agents that got their licenses or suddenly ramped up their marketing and sales campaigns. 

I put the words construction an renovation in quotations above because like a real estate agent, it takes more than just capitalizing on an economic boom to earn your stripes.

As a realtor with a vast amount of years of experience working with some of the biggest realtors in the Greater Toronto Area, I can admit that times were not always great for this industry but like any other down times, these are the ones that help you build your character, make and keep the right connections, and earn your right to sell to clients who value relationships, experience and intelligence in the world of real estate and home selling and buying.

Economists are about to brace for more than just a slowdown in the housing market and economy but also the job sector as this is the time when many so called realtors will decide to close up shop and take up other ventures. In turn the effects will also effect consumer spend and ripple effect other jobs and sectors outside of the housing sector.

As a veteran real estate agent I have seen many inexperienced agents and an overpopulation in recent years and months but this new slow down can only mean that the time to weed out the agents who got into this for a quick buck and not because they care about your home selling or home buying journey.

 The time to truly put more care and consideration into who represents you in your home buying or home selling journey has never been more important. As you want to make sure that person is there for the long run and not going to just close up shop when the market cools down. 

Learn more about my experience and the many satisfied and happy customers I have helped with buying and selling here. 

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