Fixing and selling a home: Why take the gamble?

Tuesday Mar 07th, 2017


Selling a home is always a very difficult task, it can be even more difficult when your home needs to have work done on it. Whether that be a new kitchen renovation or a bathroom revamp, these type of upgrades can cost you a lot of money and delay the selling process. 

Put plain and simple: When you want to sell your home, you sometimes need to renovate the home before putting it up for sale. The cost of renovations may lead you to realize that you do not have the capital to follow through with the plans. This can cause you to either put off the selling of your home.

To gamble or not to gamble:

The unknown scares many people, and not knowing if renovating is the right choice to bring your selling price higher or if it will pay off can put many people off. To some it is a gamble. 

To others, it is a big bargain, you could renovate your home and it can be a big pay off; raising the selling price and allowing you to earn more.  

Care free solution:

What happens if you can do a reno, fix and upsell your home and not worry about the costs associated with the fix and trying to make a profit while getting your renovation investment back? 

It’s called Fix & Upsell. No more gambling. With my Fix & Upsell Program, you will be able to renovate your home and sell it as soon as possible.

It works like this: 

A team of professional home renovators will provide you with a quote for the work that needs to be done. If you accept this quote, your commission payment will be adjusted to feature representation fees, cost of renovation and labour hours. 

This could mean the difference between moving out sooner than later and living a carefree life during the process. With this solution you won’t have to worry about spending the renovation investment capital or trying to find the right and honest team. The home renovation team will take care of everything.

You’re probably now wondering what is the catch?

No catch, or hidden fees. The cost of the fix & sell would be coming from what your home is sold for, leaving you without extra invoices to make payments to and fulfilling the promise of making your home sale, quick, easy and carefree. 

Don’t let renovations bring you down, with the Fix & Upsell Program you can start the process of renovating and selling right away! Click here to learn more.

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