Renovating your home for tomorrow: Is smart tech the smart thing to do?

Wednesday Jul 26th, 2017


Smart homes are the current talk by anyone in home decoration and interior design. This not so new technology helps from everything like playing music in your home, improving security and being more efficient with the energy spent. The more devices you have and set up on your phone or tablet, the more you feel like you are in the home of tomorrow.

So why is everyone not running to the store? Because with anything data related, there is always a concern for customer privacy. And this time the concern literally hits right at home.

In a recent article by Forbes, it was made clear that iRobot, the makers of that fun looking circle vacuum, are considering sharing the maps of your home with third party companies for profit. This literally means that buyers of this information will have access to your entire homes blue print, room for room. Naturally, everyone hits the panic alarm and begins thinking of all the malicious things that this companies intend to do with your data. But there is are also some benefits.

Like the article states, the potential to get deeply targeted marketing will be now opened and you will see ads for things that are actually catered to your specific needs at home. Think Amazon suggestive selling but on steroids. 

The truth of the matter is that with every pro there will be cons. And with most of the technology that is being made available today, consumers will have to AGREE to all terms before even being able to use the device. Most people don’t even read these terms and overlook the fact that their data ends up in places that they don’t know about. For example. your data might end up sold to one company who then sells it to another and so forth. 

This can be said for many other forms of smart home technology. From light bulbs, to thermostats, to keyless entry and locks. If you are currently renovating a home and doing so in a manner that brings it up to date with what is available out there in home tech, be mindful of how that will affect its re-sale value. Data privacy is a big concern for many people and home buyers might either be happy with buying a tech savvy home or completely turned off.

Home owners who are renovating should always remember to always do research on the demographics of the neighbourhood they are living in when doing a renovation and keep an eye on the changing neighbourhood trends – do they go in favor of upgrading a home with tech or not? For home builders, this is especially crucial as you don’t even live in the neighbourhood. Get a feel for the culture of the neighbourhood, the age range and other important data on the people that live in it and the changes coming to it. 

Getting the right data on your home, neighbourhood and forecasted statistics is key.

Learn how I can further help you with intelligently upgrading your home. Smart tech or not. 

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